Postnatal doula

My approach

Each baby is unique; each mother is unique; and each family is unique. It is very hard to be fully prepared for life after the birth of a child – whether its a first baby; or you already have other children. My experience as a mother myself and also through the support I have provided to other mothers is that it is during the first  weeks and months of  parenthood that mothers are often most in need of support and  nurturing themselves. This care can take many forms. As your post-natal doula I would be delighted to provide the kind of support you want. For example:

  • provide support in your infant feeding choices
  • be someone you can talk to in complete confidence
  • help you “de-brief” your birth experience
  • give you  breaks in caring for your baby so that you can, for example, have a bath, take a nap, or read a story to another child
  • help with the care of other children, do a bit of washing up, meal preparation or tidying or run the hoover round
  • sign-post you to useful sources of information
  • link you with other individuals and groups who can support you

If I’m not busy with other clients I am very happy to provide short notice ad hoc support –  whether to help through an emergency such as personal illness or to fill gaps in longer-terms support arrangements. So do contact me if this applies to you and I will help if I can.

As a post natal  doula I have received training from Conscious Birthing International and I am a member of Doula UK. I regularly attend workshops and undertake other learning to continually improve the service I provide to my clients

You can see my Doula UK profile here:

About me

I retired from a career in research and management in the world of employment relations and employment rights in order to pursue two passions: the provision of support to mothers and their families before, during and after birth; and providing care and healing through holistic massage. I believe that my background and past experience makes me particularly well-placed to support you if you are going through the transition from paid employment to being at home with your baby – for however long or short a time you decide to do this.


My current  hourly rate for providing you with postnatal support between 9am and 10pm Monday to Friday on an ad hoc basis is £25.  Or you can chose to book me in advance for  20 hours  to be used over a 4 week period in which case the fee is £400 (equivalent to £20 an hour).

I can often provide support outside of these hours. Do give me a call if you want overnight or weekend help.