Birth doula


About me

My journey to becoming a birth helper started when I attended the home birth of a close friend as her birth partner –  a life-changing experience which I feel deeply honoured to have shared.

I live in Stansted in Essex and I am a mother to two grown-up children; and the grandmother of three: twin boys and a girl.

Since I have become a doula my experiences have ranged from almost completely “physiological” (natural) births at my client’s home or  in a midwife-lead birthing centre; to supporting a mother through an emergency cesarean section. I have attended both singleton and twin births and supported parents in a  number of hospitals across London and Essex.

My approach

I believe that all pregnant people have the right to feel safe and cared for throughout the birth of their babies, but this is all too often lacking  – whether due to lack of a close community; constraints on time and resources in the health care system; or other factors. We are all different, and births can take many paths, but being properly supported will help you to have the best birth possible. As your doula my commitment to you will be:

  • to be there for you; and also for your partner if they are involved
  • to support your choices in the kind of labour you want
  • to provide the kind of support you want during your labour and in the  hours and days  after the birth
  • to help you prepare for the postnatal period
  • to be a source of information  to help you make informed decisions before, during and after labour

What I offer

  • Two meetings before your due date to help you and any birth partner to prepare for the birth; think through your birth preferences and prepare for the period after your baby is born.
  • To be on call 24/7 from two weeks before your expected date of delivery until your baby is born
  • To be there for you throughout your labour and in the hours after the birth to help you and your baby get to know each other.
  • A postnatal visit after your birth to provide support with breastfeeding and/or help out in  other ways
  • To visit you  a few weeks after the birth to “debrief” about the labour. If you would like it I would also love to give you a restorative massage as my thank you for involving me in your birth.
  • Unlimited phone, email and text contact from when we first agree to work together until 6 weeks after your baby is born


As a doula I have received training from Conscious Birthing International and I am a member of Doula UK where I am a recognised doula having completed their development programme. I love learning and am committed to attending training to enhance the service that I give to my clients. I have recently been trained in Shiatsu massage; using slings and wraps in pregnancy and birth; new born development; on supporting multiple births; and trauma informed care. But most of all I learn from the lovely families that I work with.

You can see my Doula UK profile here:


My standard charge for the offer set out above is £1,100.

I also provide packages tailored to the specific requirements of my clients. So if you would like a different configuration of ante and postnatal support, just let me know.